Here's what we're about

"What is important is not the suit. It's the soul of the person wearing the suit."

~ Luciano Barbera

The clothes don't make the man

You know the old saying "the clothes make the man?" We disagree. We think things like integrity, sacrifice, and hard work are what make the man. But we also know that the right clothes can empower the man.

You know what we mean. We've all put on clothes that just felt wrong. Not just too tight in the crotch wrong, but the kind of wrong that makes you feel like you're trying too hard, or makes you second-guess yourself. And that sucks.

But the right clothes can make you feel like the best version of yourself. The right clothes can make you feel confident.

Cladwell exists to help men find the clothes to kick ass. We like to think of ourselves as Curators of Confidence.


men matter.

We believe that men were made from greatness, for greatness. We believe that all men are inherently and universally valuable, and that we are intended to share that value with the world. We were made to create, father, love, disrupt, and lead.

We believe that in every man's gut, often clouded by distractions and self-doubt, is the knowledge that he matters and has something unique to contribute to the world.

We want every man to tap into his greatness. And we believe this is a worthy cause, because the world needs more men ready for action.

It's not about fashion.

Cladwell isn't a clothing store, and we're not selling fashion. Don't get us wrong - we dig clothes and we appreciate fashion. We're just concerned with something bigger (that whole "empowering men to live confidently" thing).

Every guy can dress great.

Looking good and feeling good isn't reserved for some secret, elite bro club. We believe that every guy can have a style and look that works for him, regardless of age, size, lifestyle, personality, and budget.


Yep, we are real people with real faces and names and stuff.


We started Cladwell because we needed it (some of us more than others, Tim). We had our own experiences where we realized that what we wear makes a difference, and we knew firsthand how stupid and stressful it can be to find the right clothes. So we figured we weren't the only ones, and decided to do something about it. In other words, we're here to help.